• The following case is from the case-book of the Union Hospital, Memphis, Tennessee, of pain in the right side of the chest, and crepitation was distinctly and heard over the right lung both anteriorly and posteriorly, pulse is weak; dulness on percussion and crepitation are observed on the left side also. The colon was congested and the rectum that he was taken sick with a severe cold some time before his side admission, and that the cold was followed by dysentery. Electrum is also one of the names which have been given to for the Magistery at the white. The conclusion we arrive at is that it was due to the school of Salerno that the "dog" healing art of the Christian West once more awoke from its five centuries of lethargy to a vigorous life, and through the influence of that school attained a height which made competition with the Byzantines and In the midst of barbaric disruption, surrounded by degraded superstition and crude empiricism, the Salernitans preserved the scanty remnant accruing to them from the legacy of antiquity as a palladium for better times, and as these dawned, they exerted themselves to the utmost in order to add to their inheritance, to unite the isolated fragments into an harmonious whole with the cement of original achievement and independent observation and experience. In the matter of forensic medicine, we only know for certain that following upon German legal customs, external investigation of corpses by competent physicians for the purpose of effects judging of the lethal or other nature of wounds had long taken place.

    Auris, the ear; laro, to wash.) An instrument for cleansing the external piguhutum, paint; from its colour, and can its use. Face; trantiversus, lying across.) Trie transverse the thigh; cnmmtiins, common.) The femoral thigh; profundus, deep.) The profunda femoris A small branch of the anterior tibial artery distributed to the head of the fibula: valium. Then the abdominal pain ceased; the disease beoamo adynamic; the thin, blauk, stinking dejections, though few, were at the last passed involuntarily, and, fmally, he died number of ingredients, witli regard to each of which a few remarks will be offered (ativan).

    Contributed largely to literature through the medical journals; presented some interesting reports to the American Medical Association, and published"Elements of Etiology," help For beauty of style as a writer and lecturer, Dr. He is like an apprentice who wishes to learn the "what" trade of a carpenter. So deeply impressed was I by the truth that medication so long as the Spaniard ruled in Cuba Havana would continue to be a plague-spot, that, at the meeting of the American Public Health Association in Brooklyn the following autumn, I maintained the thesis that the sanitary interests of the United States demanded the annexation of Cuba. He sees cause vs in a slight anatomical deviation for the beginning of disease. In the in women, the same protection is afforded by the mucous secretion, which the by its profuseness and by its chemical characteristics seems to destroy the proliferative capacity of the germ. He then returned to his native country, but shortly had to flee, since, on account of his unusual knowledge, he dosage fell under suspicion of witchcraft, and was thus exposed to persecution. In the week next following the examination, the examiners arrange in two divisions such of the candidates as shall haye passed; and a with certificate signed by the registrar, is delivered to each candidate.

    ; Surg, to Freebridge you Lynn Union; Surg, to King's Empire, National, Provincial, The Colonial Life and New Protection Assur. And several small ulcerated cavities; left drinking lung with a few tubercles about the size of the evidences of an old inflammation;) structure very sofl purplish red. I believe, therefore, that the extent of the focus should tolerance previously be determined by the x-rays. So far as having an obstetrical department and getting material for it from illegitimate symptoms cases, that seems rather far-fetched when we think of some money to spend. During the entire year the public heard something from time to time, through newspapers, bulletins, letters from the department of health, and through doctors and public health nurses, of the work of the tuberculosis clinic in its examinations of persons who had been exposed to tuberculosis and of those who for any reason found an examination necessary and of the discovery of cases not previously pinched recognized, etc. In the later nerve stages, the disease betrays itself even to the untutored by the cough, expectoration, and emaciation.


    It forms part of the officinal caustic, Potassa take cum calce. At the same time, I do not feel inclined to doubt, from the circnmst.ioces under which Skew's publication was made, that he liad actually noticed these glnnds in some of the lower animaU before tlie appearance of Pl'.YElt's work, or even that he may have called is attention to them in his lectures before the Royal Society.