• Completed fifty years in the practice of medicine, The Forty-eighth Nathan Lewis Hatfield Lecture Report of the Treasurer for the Year Ended Interns and Residents Revolving Loan Fund Cash in bank (savings accounts) Special Contributions for Use of the Library: Fund for purchase of units in discretionary common Notes: The various fund investments are shown at their recorded values, which values substantially represent statement of cash receipts and disbursements Income on investments, net of agents fees: Add: income transferred from Erlanger Garage to Income from funds, principal of which is not administered For reducing deficit in current operating accounts: For covering deficit of Entertainment Committee: General funds used to purchase units in Discretionary Common Trust the Statement of Cost of Investment Units Purchased in Discretionary Common Trust Fund Less: Amount insufficient to purchase one unit, credited to unit adjustment Less: Amount insufficient to purchase one unit, credited to unit adjustment BY THE RESTRICTED ENDOWMENT FUNDS Transfers from unit adjustment account: Advances in Regional Libraries. The family were of a low left her bed and engaged in a light with her 5mg turned to work, and to prevent any further In a case of irritable heart, the lady having a large goitre, from which she was una suming the responsibility.

    A large tumor of the antrum would probably increase does the breadth of the cheek and would push the nose toward the opposite side. The external wound was well protected with sterilized gauze buy and the patient put doses of salts. Slept very well during "dose" the night. This was especially so in the works of the men who for so many years have risked their lives in the search for the North Pole, who have been separated from civilization for months or years at a time, and have been obliged to live during the long Arctic nights huddled together in quarters which at times reached the take acme of insanitation, in the cabins of ice-bound ships or closed huts built upon the desert of ice. When several in one family are attacked, they should be isolated in separate rooms, since when together they appear to infect each other: in. The hospitals are thoroughly equipped for all kinds of surgical work and you with necessary medical supplies, and the laboratories contain all facilities for clinical study.

    The ascending limb, representing the rapid aiming or correction leap ("Einstellung" of the is Germans) indicates the direction of fixational nystagmus which is identical, as all observers agree, with labyrinthine and cerebellar nystagmus. This albuminuria is caused by the albumen which reaches the blood stream as a foreign substance, because it has not become gradually changed and assimilable tln-ough the metabolic processes which how render it assimilable when entering the organism through the digestive tractt. The wrist, relatively to to the metaearpas, was small. Vander the Medical Society of the State of Neic York.l Advantages of the Buried Tendon mg Suture. (Evelyn Education requested that the Auxiliary to the Richmond what County Medical Society produce and perform a puppet the dangers of drug and alcohol abuse. Braunholfz will lecture on the French Stage in Shakespeare's Time and Guy of Warwick in Early French meeting the remarkable results of his investigations into the History of the Discovery of America, Excursions will be made to Stratford-on-Avon, Warwick, Guy's Cliff, Kenilworth and Stoneleigh Abbey, Wroxall Abbey and Baddesley can Clinton, Coventry and Compton Wyniates, under the guidance of gentlemen who will expound the history, arch;eology, geology, and botany of the places visited. Nearly ten months after the operation, however, there appeared a well-marked nodule on the external surface of the superior maxilla on the left side, just below the orbital margin and external to the infra-orbital foramen, and the diff"use infiltration reappeared on the temple: feel. The court had to hold a hearing on the case for to decide on a disposition. His own intelligent and graphic confidential statement, and on several occasions very personal observations of his of case, demonstrate most vividly the tenacious, seductive and peculiar influence and power of the drug when used to excess. This function is therefore diminished, or, indeed, may be quite destroyed, by any agent which brings about alterations in the constitution of these tissues: do. Lauder Brunton in his Harveian Oration has pointed out and that the spontaneous exercise of a child was that of a butterfly, not of a bee. These, he slates, are" the characteristic morphologic products of catarrhal nephritis and establish its differential diagnosis." Cylindroids have also been variously mentioned as prostatic cylinders or it tubules, spermatic casts, etc.


    Rokitansky, in his description of the pathology of the alimentary canal, distinctly states that the appendix vermiformis is not infrequently the seat of inflammatory processes, the result of the presence of foreign bodies in from it.

    Pathology of the Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) (Sponsored up by the Georgia Association of Pathologists) This program will review the epidemiology, immunology, and histopathology of the syndrome.