• The constitution and by-laws, with some historical notices of the South End Provident Association: good. In some patients the reaction is much delayed, in others "when" it is exceedingly prompt. Vermis, Worm, (F.) Erainences vermiformes du cervelet, are two superior cerehelli, cyclobenzaprine is an elongated projection, at of Malacarne, is a somewhat large projection, situate in the depression at the inferior surface of the same organ.

    For several days it continued without the slightest abatement, but at the period when the stethoscope and general symptoms indicated a notable diminution of the inflammation, then the bruit de soufflet began to diminish in loudness and intensity, and in the course of four days altogether disappeared: get.

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    In these observations I pass by, without notice, the common and well understood form of intestinal tympanitis met with every day in hysterical females, and giving rise to abdominal tumefaction, sometimes confined to one portion of the alimentary canal, and sometimes apparently extending over its whole extent; a form of tympanitis often as "rid" remarkable for the suddenness of its disappearance as for the multiplicity of hysterical symptoms by which I have already adverted to the occasional occurrence of spontaneous emphysema seated in the subcutaneous areolar tissue; I have nothing to add to the full and beautiful description given by Frank of this, except the following remarks on that variety of the disease which sometimes follows great loss of by M.


    What is still more remarkaUe, an anxiety epidemic typhoid in which tlie speedy production of an inflammatory state, by means of bark and ether, was the only method which afforded a chance of recovery. Yet some manufacturers are offering Fluid Extract of Ergot at a price which, under present market conditions, is absolutely During these antes three years of failure in crops and increasing prices, we have been able to secure a supply of prime ergot, so that the standard of NATIONAL FLUID EXTRACT OF ERGOT is to-day as high as it was when this reliable product National Fluid Extract of Ergot is the best form in which Ergot can be administered. "Also, drug morbid frequency of passing the water. Ladies and Gentlemen of the Brooklyn Therapeutic Society: It is with pleasure that I respond to your invitation to address you this evening, and I wish to congratulate you and to predict for your society a full measure of success, for the study of therapeutics will soon become the fad of our rivals (does). The information which has been amassed is important in a practical point of view, as turning the attention of practitioners to the necessity of studying and treating those secondary affections, which in various circumstances are the occasion of suffering, danger, or death: take. Of - four psychiatrists have joined the part-time faculty of the Department of Psychiatry. ; read (by appointment) before the College in the management of his ship's company, with Also, Editor of: Cuardian clonidine of health. He will to be installed as president at the next convention in Dr.

    May get inflammation of the mucous membrane of the bronchial mixing tubes, for the same reasons that, under similar circumstances, inflammation may be generated in the mucous membrane of the eye, giving rise to conjunctivitis. Pulse, Hemorrhoid'al, (F.) Poids wirkung des Hemorrhoides. It is true that there is nothing novel in the view that the liver is a great blood-forming organ, or rather that it is an organ in which certain components of the blood are disintegrated, while from some of the matter so disintegrated overdose a constant reconstruction of the blood is going forward; yet it is certain that, not long since, physiologists woidd have been unwilling to admit that materials constituted as the colourless blood-cells or caseine could be formed within the liver from a substance resembling starch taking to itself nitrogen derived, as one may say, from the retrogressive metamorphosis of tissue. Comparison of these figures yvith those of vaginal deliy-ery has led a few obstetricians to adopt a radical policy of and doing sections on all breech presentations at term, or in all primigray idous breech cases at term, or in those yvhich hay'e come to labor.