• It is rather amusing in reading the volume to note the various reasons given by what different observei-s for the occurrence of abscess.

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    That it would bo well if this operation were resorted to more frequently than it is, and that it ought to be considered as distinctly indicated whenever in a patient otherwise free from disease death seems likely to occur from the joint Thirdly, that the existence of even advanced amyloid disease of the viscera does not preclude the in operation, since it does not prevent the recovery of the patient nor prevent the restoration of the general health. To - the extraordinary progress which has been made in neuro-pathology, by the labours of English, French, and German physiologists, has only lately caused especial attention to be directed to the paralytic affections with which young children are attacked.



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    Aneurisms of the first portion of the arch arise with great frequency immediately above the heart valves, from the right or dextro-anterior aspect of the artery, and take a direction to of the right, presenting near the sternum in the third intercostal space.