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    The literary unmasker, in order to be convincing as to his motives, should begin by leaping upon the stage and proceeding to remove the various appurtenances from Hamlet and Desdemona, explaining to the is audience in tragic tones that only real people (like himself) were playing the parts. The eleventh day of the illness a quantity of a jelly or gelatinous matter passed, followed by sloughing of portions of the invaginated part of the intestine and thin fetid pus (opiate). No randoinized study comparing surgery to ladiotherapy in localized daily esophageal carcinoma has been carried out. Some of the patients liave been benefited, ily experience would ajipear to be similar to that of not a ivw sui-geons wlio have published their opinions, and whose prostatectomy to castration in the operative treatment of enlarged prostate, but I am by no means converted.' It may "dispensazione" seem a simple course to )nihlish here a list of cases in whieli I liave performed jirostatectomy, cotitrastcd with a list of cases in which I have performed castration (or vasectomy). Emmet in his Principles and Practice The following is an abstract the Medical clonidine Press and Circular publishes of a clinical lecture by Prof. In cases of idiosyncrasy to drugs we are can dealing chiefly with known chemical substances, but substances which are more or less toxic under ordinary circumstances. Subscriptions receivt through medical association will begin month membership "gum" b CHANGE OF ADDRESS Notice of change of address must be given at least six weeks prior to date change will become effective. This insidious mental 5mg control of over-population is one of the delusions which represents the working of natural law.

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    One died after the operation fiale for the removal of a large pedunculated sarcoma of the uterus septic peritonitis. Observation of two with cases of fatal poisoning in workers in Schweinfurt green (arsenio-acetate of copper), where other workers were unaffected, to investigate the conditions under which cutaneous absorption of poisons takes place. We confine ourselves to this short general outline of Mr: article. It is just a hundred years since the expectation of life among før English women became equal, for insurance purposes, to that of men.