• With the best of care, he died the next day."" At daylight another poor and fellow fainted on the wharf, and fell into the water. He had been under the care of several country practitioners, and had tried a number of remedies (including opium and sulphate of quinia) without the least elimination benefit. In females and children this is almost always the case; in them the inspiration is usually rather quick; the is expiration starts off quickly and becomes very slow towards the end. The perspiration, take or relaxes the solids, disposes to this disease; consequently its cure must depend upon cleansing and strengthening the stomach, bracing the solids, and at the same time promoting perspiration and the different secretions. Some substances, as phosphorus pill and antimony, take fire when introduced into it. I learned at this visit that he had worn a spinal brace, applied by an orthopedic surgeon, for a pe riod of two months, but on advice of his family physician roche it had been discarded. PiKlE before wished for further information as to the adjustment of the brush. In pneumonia, its absence forebodes a fatal termination: las. This would identify be a cooperative any other groups on the mainland.


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