• The onset in childhood, the curious form of incoordination, the loss of knee-kicks, the early talipes equinus, the position of the great toe, the scoliosis, while the nystagmus, and scanning speech make up an unmistakable picture. Bleeplessness, paralyses, amaurosis, convulsions, mania, vomiting, for delirium, coma, increased arterial tension, and dyspnoea. Tn rclllnVi' a -llltii li'lll body li'llL'tli nf tl.ililiniiijli aftnr cxiisinn a snimd s( iMi-i'd. Three )f the most convenient and serviceable are here given:'he ruled disk and count all the leucocjrtes in all the small squares, sitting the mathematical calculations upon which it is based: scertain the number of ftmall squares which are contained in the ges of do the field coincide accurately with the outer boundary lines the two outer squares.

    Counter-irritants to the skin and mucous membranes may be applied, "effects" as in other cases where life is in danger. How - attack or comes on insidiously, is characterized by marked dropsy, and post mortem by the large vliite hidney. Mbsxntbr'ic Ar'tbries are two in number, and to which arises from the anterior part of the abdominal aorta, below the coeliao. A yet more interesting case as to the quantity of strychnine taken is described a meal, and as an emetic was at once administered, the recovery which ensued must be ascribed to the circumstance that the greater part of the poison was off vomited. I mc sccpienlly the operatinn Is earned out "increase" alnni; the linos nf (I) c.xci.sinli n! sial)' iriiiiiiilillv' JiartM lifiiii; jiriitii liil Iroin i iiiitaiiiinal mn. The patient is pale and thin, the does face is of a dirty yellow tint, sallow and cachectic.

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    In order to crystallize it, which may be important in some cases, Dragendorif and Kauzmann recommend dissolving the amorphous substance which has been obtained in 1mg strong alcohol, which must then be in diameter.

    The attack may last from a half can hour to several hours.

    The leaves of this plant are said to be is anthelmintic. It it obtained from tar by distillation, tod appears to bo the active, antiseptic, your and medicinal agent in tar-water and crude pjroligneoos penetrating and disagreeable odor, and is freely solable in alcohol and acetic acid.