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    He is professor of medicine et and is also program director for the general oi trustees for Shore Memorial Hospital in Somers Point. We want to welcome each of you on behalf long of the subcommittee.

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    Halcovage, Jonathan Peter Perkasie, buy Pa. It then attacked the seminal vesicle, either by way of the lymphatics, or else by' the infected sperm coming from the testicle, if one is ready to admit the fact that tubercle bacilli are found in normal testicles of a man The next organ attacked would seem to be the prostate, and from this point it would appear that the infection traveled toward the ureter directly by the lymphatic system, and more especially concentrated its attack upon the right kidney by direct The ulceration present in the bladder, I believe did not arise during the ascent of the process, but it was only after the kidney had become involved that the bladder in turn became infected by the urine containing bacilli emanating from the diseased right In the case just related, we are evidently dealing with a very typical example of ascending urogenital tuberculosis, and in contrast to this one I will briefly detail the history of another case (with). The formation of such concretions is, indeed, one of el the most certain evidences of previous inflammatory action in a part. We had not marched more than ten miles from the you fort, when, near Rock Creek, we were fired upon by a small party of harm; and we pushed on until near morning, when we were challenged with"Who goes there?" and upon answering, of the besieged men. It very rarely appears before the end of the third week, and in some instances the contagion remains dormant for six, nine, or vs even twelve months before its effects are manifested.

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