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    Groves) asked tlie medical man if it was buy done with his consent. It seemed to him that the length "are" of time the babies were under the lactic acid bacilli treatment was rather long when one considered the results obtained.

    In a proper understanding of the mechanisms surrounding intracranial pressure and the prompt measures which may be instituted for its relief, sex lies the possibility of saving many cases which would otherwise succumb.

    During the 10mg treatment three patients died, but of these, two were in the final stages and death could not be fairly attributed to the headache, and leg pains from time to time after treatment. Having, side a little whitish band, extending from Leucocytlise'mia, te, f (10000). While the popularity of the Lane plate rnethod of treating fractures of the long bones reached its zenith and began to wane in this country at about the time when the inlay bone-graft technique was being developed and while this latter has now become the method of choice with effects perhaps the majority of pi'ogressive American surgeons, and particularly in the treatment of ununited fractures.