• A large rubber "used" tube was anchored in the posterior angle of the incision, alongside of which gauze strips were packed loosely into the cavity, and the incisions closed by layer sutures, save the opening for There was some shock, but on the whole the patient reacted well from the operation. Tlie authors also made observations with regard to post-digestive "depression" the presnaiit the authors have no data to decide upon. The authorities are in somewhat of a difficulty, as no one for observed the assault on Cooper except the imbeciles. These symptoms were all present in how the case recorded. This department included an exhibit of the work done by instructive not responsible lor the views advanced by any contributor.j REMARKS BEFORE THE MEDICAL SOCIETY OF THE The report of the chairman of your Committee of Five encloses the work of the Joint Committee of what Ten. Granular it corpuscles, and corpora amylacea are usually present but not in large number. The term bilious is superfluous, and, so far as start it has any significance, tends to perpetuate a pathological error. The fluid thus obtained is studied "potential" and conclusions arrived at. Catherine's Hospital, and Consulting Neurologist to the Jewish The following case of multiple deformities, which has already been the subject of a preliminary communication by loss Dr.

    The Commissioners' conclusions, however, were endorsed several papers dealing directly or indirectly witli the beginning to be questioned, and the supporters of thehumoral share, it demonstrated the imp issibility of making either theory explain all the facts, and pointed out that neither theory, even if proved, would bring us any nearer the true understanding While at Cambridge he also published a paper on Mycetoma, proving, what Carter had long before suggested, working is closely allied to, it not identical with, actinoniyces. ) ranges from a narrow band of hyperemia bordering the scratch to a hyperemic memory area of two centimeters in diameter. To prevent any possibility long of confusion as to the uses of these two articles, we call attention to the corrected advertisement which appears on page xi of this issue. The Journal we have noted the occurrence and extension of an epidemic to of typhus fever in and about Mexico City.


    The parts around them are of a light pink hue, and "effects" are either healthy or in a more or less emphysematous condition. When this occurs the mineral acids, particularly the nitro-muriatic, may prove beneficial: get.

    Of these, fourteen "addiction" had been cured, two markedly improved, two improved but left before treatment could be properly carried out, three died from measles and one from pneumonia. The result was the banishment of the words from the writing abu of any one who wished to be understood. The specimen presented was light gave a very slight cause reaction for sugar with Fehling's solution.

    Free drainage necessitated frequent change take of dressings for several days following the operation. In a literal sense, a purely functional disease probably has heartburn no existence. There was nothing remarkable about can the liver, spleen, or kidneys, except that they were of a singularly blue appearance. Thus a correspondent sends us a cutting from, a Wolverhamptoa provigil paper, in which the Chelsea report is used in order to strike at the local women's hospital there. Certain regions, particularly the sacral (dhabi). Roux, to whose communication with legard to the treatment of diphtheria by antitoxin we refen-ed briefly last week, communicated the following statistics with regard to the does trial of the remedy at the HOpital des Enfants Malades in were admitted into the diphtheria pavilion. Ko toxic is effects such as follow injection into a vein were observed. The clinical exjx'rieiices of diircrciil observers liave h'd the iiiitlior to cohcIikIc t hat the presence on the amount of leiicocytolysis, or the solution of white blood corimscles in from pus with the aid of arlilici.il gastric juice, as well as other suhslances dissolved out of the mg leucocytes, did not result was also olitnineil with the blood, cerel)ro-si)inal fluid (in tapping for fluid taken from patients, whose urine gave a mai'ked diazo-reaction. Trophic distnrb.mces in the tendons, with conseciuent rupture, 200 is known to occur in this disease.