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    The lectures upon this fundamental branch of medical learning will be amply illustrated with preparations, models, plates, drawings, and the dissected mg cadaver. From the appearance of the structure of the tumor I could form no definite idea of get its character, and therefore subjected it to a careful microscopic examination and obtained the following results: The pieces of tumor were mostly spongy areolar tissue much shrunken from the extravasation of the blood they had contained, and through every part of the fragments were a great number of microscopic hairs, which were altogether invisible to the unaided eye.

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    To all appearances they were unworthy objects of charity, yet, when value investigated, they were found to be worthy. Clinical Professor of overnight Diseases of the Throat and Nose. Such composites as paregoric, compound tincture of benzoin, compound tincture of cardamom, etc., and one or two classics, such as Dover's of powder and Basham's mixture, ought to be retained.

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